Charlotte/Daajing Giids Walking Tours

Historical Views: Windy’s City

In 1908, the B.C. Government, anxious to spur development on Haida Gwaii (known then to settlers as “Queen Charlotte Islands”), granted for a ninety square miles of virgin timber on Skidegate Inlet to the North American Timber Holding Company. In return, the Seattle based company promised to build a small logging mill.

Before long, some local business people saw the opportunity to develop the area surrounding the mill as a town site and formed the Town site Company. The town site plan was officially registered on July 22, 1908 making “Queen Charlotte City” the first registered town site on the islands. The site was carefully laid out with streets, lanes and lots. The owners even reserved a section of land for the future train station.

The landowners hired Daniel R. “Windy” Young to promote the site and he did so with all the energy he could muster. It was Windy who came up with the name Queen Charlotte City. He started a newspaper to promote the new town, even though it had to be published in Victoria since the town wasn’t there yet. (Windy was a relentless promoter.)

In 2005 the townsite officially incorporated as a municipality, the Village of Queen Charlotte.  On July 13, 2022 the town briefly known as Queen Charlotte formally repatriated the Haida community name Dajiing Giids.  The small thriving village is a community of fishing, logging and ecotourism industries, offering a wide range of activities for the visitor. As the administrative centre for Haida Gwaii, Daajing Giids houses provincial and federal government offices, a Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Station, a new hospital (2017) and a variety of businesses, services, shops and accommodations. Travel partly on the sea walk and partly on Oceanview Drive (Highway 16) one way, then walk back along 2nd Ave, which occasionally meanders into alleys and a trail. Enjoy the unique architecture of Hippy Hill and roadside berry bushes in summer.

Historical Walk #1
Start & End
Point : Village Office
Turnaround Point: The Daajing Giids Visitor Centre (3220 Wharf St.)
Rating: Easy
Elevation gain: minimal
Distance: 2 k return

The second route is flat and starts out at the Village Office, taking you west to Haydn Turner Park and Cemetary. Follow the oceanfront along Oceanview Drive until you get to the campsites, walk round the point at low to medium tides, and enjoy the berries in summer.

Beach Trail Walk #2
Start Point: Village Office
Turnaround Point: Cemetary  Elevation Gain: None
Distance: 3 k return