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Regier Lake Trail

Trailhead located in the Village of Queen Charlotte-Jaading Giids. Access from termination of 3rd Ave. , then  drive up a narrow residential dirt road. 

Opens onto views of the inlet, large cedar trees along route. Well marked with ribbon and arrows, but rough. At bog, trail flattens to lake.

In late spring look for calypso orchids (fairy slipper), single delight, miners’ lettuce, cleavers, skunk cabbage, ground dogwood in the forest; variety of bog plants, including bog laurel, Labrador tea, cloudberry, bog rosemary and heather.

Allow plenty of daylight.

3 hours in & back 
Moderate to difficult
Elevation gain: 1,115 feet
Length: 1.8km

Note: Map is highly schematic; does not represent lay of the route.