Tarundl Creek Trail

This is a short, easily accessible trail through the woods. Following the yellow markers, the trail will lead you through the forest on on old skid trail that will take you out to a grassy flood plain. Head across the field keeping to the right as you exit the forest, and you will again find the yellow markers that will lead you along the Tarundl Creek through a lush forested area that locals call the Flats.  At a low tide you can also walk around the point to access the Flats. If you choose to turn left and follow the creek to its mouth in the ocean, watch your step in the tall grass that can hide sudden trenches. You can follow the creek-side trail through the woods up to the road to get back to your car, but be aware this trail is user maintained and sometimes blocked by windfall.

Start Point: Forest Service picnic site at 3k Honna Forest Road
Waypoint: 53.24449, -132.13987
Rating: Easy

Elevation gain: minimal
Distance: 1.5 k

Time: 45 minutes in & out or around the loop using Honna Road