White Creek Trail

Part of the network of settlers’ trails to their pre-emptions circa 1910, now part of Naikoon Park, traditionally Haida territory. Access 17.6 k east of Masset Causeway stop sign on Tow Hill Road. Park on north side of White Creek Bridge. Walk back across bridge, then southeast along old wagon road. Cross on logs either up or downstream to reconnect with settler road. Follow to old fence remnants, then go south along game trail 20 mins along tree line to fence and tapes. Follow tapes to skirt high water, then rejoin original road. Overgrown, but well-defined by ditches with game trail first on on east then westside. Walk 35 mins. Notable east turn (good camping) crosses 2 log bridges to open muskeg where Heralda Lakes can be seen (40 mins). Final tapes indicate route from trail to sandy beach on lake (8 mins).
Rating: Moderate; Rubber boots
Elevation gain: 40 m
Distance: approx 8 k

Time: 2 hours in & out

Second trail: walk north from car 5 mins to open dunes, mouth of White Creek. Easy access. Details from Fern Henderson: Queen Charlotte Islands Trail Hikes and Beach Walks, 1996.

Starting at the beach where White Creek meets the sea a rustic trail leads inland along an old settler road, through old growth forest of cedar and spruce, and up to the bog. Fascinating plant and animal life live in this delicate ecosystem, and beautiful views stretch to the horizon into Naikoon Park. Wear waterproof footwear, be very careful of the delicate landscape, and avoid leaving the trail as it is easy to get lost. The trail continues to the Heralda Lakes (4km), then you return the way you came. (BC Parks Trail Forks: c 2021.)

White Creek Trail on
Photo by orkomedix